Sustainable Brains

by Katrina Bayog, An-Sofie De Bruycker, Charlot Diepvens, Enrico Roets and Wangari Wambui


From the heart of Leuven, Belgium, Sustainable Brains is a podcast made by a group of MSc students (MSc Sustainable Development and Msc Global Health) taking on some of the most challenging and debatable topics on sustainable development worldwide. This week, the influence of access to digital education on quality education in an ever-changing world is discussed. Currently being situated in the middle of a pandemic feels like the right time to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on teaching, education and the digital gap. This podcast takes you into the lives of learners and educators from both the global South and North like the Philippines, Finland, South Africa to mention a few. After hearing their stories, we have also invited sustainable development experts to further dig into the conversation of the digital gap: its causes, consequences and possible solutions in narrowing it.

Featuring contributions from

Miko M. (Finland), Nayah K. (Kenya), Hugh G. (Philippines), Ethan D. (Philippines), Kennedy O. (Uganda) and Sunet R. (South Africa)

Sources and further readings