Cities for our future

by Margaux Casier, Zoë Jacquet, Zoë Lipkens, Cristian Raggio and Gang-Min Rim


Today we are going to be zooming in on the Sustainable Development Goal number 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, while specifically focusing on the social aspect of sustainable cities which we will analyze as the often “left out” side to sustainability. To bring the social aspect of sustainability into communities, a lot of cities have been organizing their own social innovation projects and we want to unpack and delve into the concepts and ideas behind social innovation projects in today’s episode. In order to give you guys a clear understanding of socially sustainable cities we have invited two guest speakers today to talk about their own community’s social innovation project, Zoe from Massachusetts and Gang Min from South Korea. So sit back, relax, put in your headphones, or play this out to your family, and get ready to listen to an interesting discussion about socially innovative communities.


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