3 girls 1 guy (3G1G): Sustainable Cinephiles

by Flores David, Lyngseth Thea, Shabashova Daria, Yamratsamee Wetaka


In this podcast, Dasha, David, Mai (Wetaka), and Thea come together to share their common interest in sustainability and their fondness for movies. By bringing together these very “different” themes, four students show how sustainability is an issue that can be expressed and seen through any lens. Thus in less than 20 minutes per episode, they discuss the full spectrum of movies that exist, from blockbusters to indie filmmaking, and how any story can be related to sustainable development. On this podcast, The Tin Mine and Honeyland are deconstructed to help the audience understand the UN’s 8th SDG for 2030, as well as many other sustainability-related concepts. A safe space is provided so that all thoughts are shared, while the hosts invite each other and the listeners to think critically about the world we live in and how we can make it better.


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