By Macy, Thea, Daniela, Elena and Alessandra


There was once a forest of three
Gatekeepers took the responsibility
To promote sustainability in the new national park
They worked from dawn until it was dark
Eating lunches and drinking free coffee
Except for macy she just drank tea

They researched whom to give more room
To the good guys they assumed
But as time passed
Clarity did not last
Working for those who wanted nature to be kept protected
Not considering how farmers would be affected

Macy couldn’t charge her bike
Daniela was tired from the hike
Elena assessed the dog park and counted cars
While Thea went looking for cafes and bars
(and Alessandra got covid)

At the end of it all, we discovered
There is a lot more governance to be uncovered
Needless to say the living lab time
Cant be summed up in this rhyme
But it was one of a kind


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