Deadline for submission of applications

  • March 1 for non-EU students
  • May 31 for EU-applicants.

At the moment of the application, candidates should indicate the chosen specialization track for their Master studies:

  • Space & society track
  • Ecology track

Application for
VLIR-UOS scholarships

VLIR-UOS Scholarships awarded by the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR-UOS) are aimed at graduate students (Bachelor’s level and Master’s level). The following website gives an overview of all training programmes and courses for which a VLIR-UOS scholarship is available:

The application for a VLIR scholarship is done via :

The submission of applications for scholarship starts on November 1st and closes on February 1st. Please follow carefully all the necessary steps to apply to the scholarships, as explained in the KU Leuven website.

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Admission requirements

This Master programme aims at attracting students from both natural and social sciences, willing to bridge both ecological and societal domains of the interdisciplinary sustainability problematic. We expect good candidates with a background in the following fields: geography, ecology, sustainability studies, bio-economy, spatial planning, development studies, environmental management, environmental sciences, biodiversity, conservation biology, landscape ecology, political ecology, human ecology, social ecology, etc. However, students with a more general background in social sciences (economics, political sciences, sociology, anthropology) and applied sciences (bio-engineering, architecture) are also invited to apply.

Career prospects

Job opportunities for alumni can be found in all sectors where sustainable development actions should be implemented, at the local, regional, national and international levels. These include public, private and third sector institutions such as enterprises, non-state actors, NGOs and civil society organizations, government administrations at the local and central level, international organizations, universities, research centers, among others. Former students of our programme are working as sustainability experts in a variety of institutions.

Practical information

Duration: 24 months, full time (with a part time option)

ECTS: 120

Awarded degree: Master of Science in Sustainable Territorial Development

Specializations: Space and Society; Ecology

Location of the programme: KU Leuven Faculty of Science. This is a jointly led programme by the Division of Geography & Tourism, and the Division of Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity Conservation.